Keto Diet - Getting Started Guide

Keto Diet – Getting Started Guide

Getting started with a solid keto diet is just as hard as staying on it. Hopefully, this post will give you some tips & tricks on how to get started. I wrote an article about getting your kitchen ready for keto & What Should a Ketogenic Diet Eat for Beginners? These two should give you some idea of what to expect and where to start as well.

We’ll go in more detail in this post and answer some common questions about getting started with a keto diet.

What Keto Snacks can I buy at the Store?

There is surprisingly an abundance of keto-friendly snacks readily available at most grocery stores, it just requires a little bit of research. The main focus of a good keto diet a good ratio of Fats > Proteins > Carbs.

The main ingredient you need to watch out for is the amount + type of sugar in a snack. Anything Stevia related is usually a good sign that it’s keto-friendly.

If you’re doing a very strict low carb keto diet then it’s worth reading the nutritional label and serving size. Just because a snack contains carbs, doesn’t make it bad for keto.

Here are a few of my staple snacks for a strict keto diet. I will have usually have on hand a combination of the snacks list below to get me through the week.

Aside from buying snacks from the store, you could certainly make your own desserts at home just as easily. There are many keto snacks that are easy to make & delicious.

Home Made Keto Snack – Almond Joy Keto Bomb

As an example, we’ve made numerous keto fat bombs & ice cream that took very little effort also saved us money and is delicious.

Which Keto Diet Book is the Best?

I have three keto diet-related books that I would recommend for recipes. I personally own two of the books below in paperback & would highly recommend either a digital version or hard copy.

The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: This is a really good keto cookbook that I highly recommend. You can find a lot of free information on the web when it comes to keto, but sometimes having curated content like a good book will cut through the noise and help you with your health goals. This book is one of them.

I personally have a paperback copy of this book and it’s been tremendously helpful when it comes to recipe ideas.

Keto Comfort Foods: You’ll miss cakes, carbs, and sugar on your first few weeks on Keto, trust me. Good comfort food that’s also keto-friendly will go a long way to keeping you on track with your diet. The Keto Comfort Foods book has a lot of recipes that will help you make tasty meals to cope with those carb cravings during the toughest times.

Keto Instant Pot Recipes: If you have an Instant Pot, this keto recipe book is for you! We use the Instant Pot a lot so this book was a no-brainer. We’ve since cooked over a dozen recipes from this book and it’s great!

If you’re not familiar with the Instant Pot, maybe it’s time? Check out the price here. It’s an amazing kitchen tool and we’ve had ours for over 3 years without a single issue!

Is a Keto Diet Sustainable?

There are plenty of studies that show sustained keto diets ranging from 2-3 weeks and up to 24 months without any issues, but must be monitored by a medical professional.

A ketogenic diet may be followed for a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks up to 6 to 12 months. Close monitoring of renal functions while on a ketogenic diet is imperative, and the transition from a ketogenic diet to a standard diet should be gradual and well controlled.

Ketogenic Diet – Campbell University

Ketogenic diet up to 2 years is well documented, so sustainability up to 24 months is easily researched online. There are some precautions that you need to take being on keto for that long which include, hepatic steatosis, hypoproteinemia, kidney stones, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Consult your medical professional if you intended to sustain a keto diet long term.

Will Keto Diet Work Without Exercise?

In general, getting your body into a state of ketosis does not require any exercise. A Keto diet should work without ever going to the gym, however, adding a regular gym routine may help your keto diet and ultimately get to your goal faster. If your main goal is weight loss, eating better & understanding how keto helps you lose weight will yield better results than getting a gym membership.

What’s even more interesting is that exercising actually doesn’t actually account for much in terms of weight loss.

These two studies, Physical activity and physical activity-induced energy expenditure in humans: measurement, determinants, and effects & Energy requirements of adults, basically conclude that calorie deficit created by exercising is nowhere the number of calories you take in from food.

This excludes professional athletes who spend all-day exercising or being active in their sport.

But for the average person trying to lose weight through exercise alone would take an enormous amount of work. Very often people will quit their exercise routine before they see any significant changes to their bodies.

I’m not making a suggestion that exercise is useless.

The true benefits of exercise are real. According to one paper that conducted a long study on the relationship between physical activity and weight gain, obesity, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.

The result of the study concluded that long term exercise had a positive effect on all the diseases listed above.

…physical activity appears to have a positive long-term influence on all selected diseases.

Long-term health benefits of physical activity – BMC Public Health

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Hopefully, this article has cleared some questions about the ketogenic diet & getting started. If you’re interested, I write about my experience in the first three weeks on keto & what to expect. You can find those journal entries here: Week 1, Week2 & Week 3.

If you’ve started your keto journey, let us know in the comments below and share your experience!

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