Journal: Week 3 on Keto & What to Expect

Start Adding To Your Keto Routine By week three you'll have a good grasp of what & how much to eat. Sugar & carb cravings are less frequent and for me, I had almost zero carb cravings. At this stage of my keto diet, I was only eating as I felt hunger, mindful eating rather than mindless eating. I also started adding more complex recipes & meal plans. I kept the food ...

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Tasty Keto Tamarind Chicken (Air Fryer)

This simple recipe involves only 6 ingredients and is easy to make on a busy night. I think Tamarind is underutilized in the States, so I wanted to highlight this wonderful ingredient on a keto recipe. You can buy the chicken drum sticks and thighs already separated, but I had chicken quarters on hand so I just separated the legs from the thighs with a sharp knife. We used an ...

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What Should a Ketogenic Diet Eat for Beginners?

That is the question, right? Before Emily & I started our keto journey, we did a ton of research, talked to people that had great success on while keto and started to think about what foods we would give up and more importantly what we were 'allowed' to eat. This post will be primarily based on cooking meals at home because that's what we do to keep the cost down and ...

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Keto Diet Vs. Intermittent Fasting

In this post, we discuss a common question that gets asked all the time, what are the difference between keto diet & Intermittent Fasting? Both popular diet types are not mutually exclusive of each other and may have some mutual benefits when done at the same time. However, like any diet, any additional obstacles you add to your routine could end in disaster if you're not informed. It's hard enough ...

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3 Amazing Keto-Friendly Ice Cream Recipes

The directions to make the ice cream is pretty much the same for all three flavors, the only difference are the ingredients you'll add in each one. Tools You'll Need Mason Jars, 12 ozFood Scale (Any reliable food scale will work) MCT Oil To The Rescue As a test, I didn't add MCT oil to one of the Vanilla Creamsicle jars and it turns out, MCT oil really helps with the softness ...

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