About us

Welcome to Keto Losing Weight, this is our little corner shop of the web. We’re a tag team of photographer & home cook. We started this blog in hopes to provide a personal journal of what it’s like to go on a keto diet. With so much information on the web, it’s hard to sort through what works and what doesn’t. After a month of researching keto, we were so frustrated, we almost gave up. Then we realized, we can’t be the only ones frustrated? So we decided to document our entire process, from recipes, workouts, and create a person journal instead of just dumping information that already exists.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”Oscar Wilde


Emily B.

Hello Everyone! Thanks for visiting our little blog & for sticking around. I'm a Technical Recruiter by day for a large company and a self-taught cook. I have a passion for food, the outdoors and my cats. I'll be the one making the recipes and blogging about my keto diet journey.

Nik R.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by, hopefully, you find this website helpful. I'm a Software Developer by trade, I do a lot of eating :).

    Tux & Bow

    Our cute little helpers. Mostly not helping.